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Who we are

The Runway Foundation was founded in 2015 out of a desire to support the Franklin community, to provide support and opportunities for those facing challenging circumstances, providing pathways for their success.

The Runway Foundation is a registered Charity (Official Registration Number CC53293) and is primarily funded by the generous donations of our corporate support partners and local families who believe in what we do.

The Runway Foundation’s purpose is three-fold, aiming to support:


  • Families in the Franklin region who have children diagnosed within the ADHD spectrum; providing after school programmes, parent support groups, and ADHD education.

  • The Youth in the region, helping them to reach their potential.  Our Student Support Workers work with these young people as well as local schools.

  • The vulnerable individuals and families facing difficult circumstances, through a range of circumstances including crisis funds and food banks.


We are not specialists or experts in ADHD services, however, aim to gather together a wide range of experience and collective knowledge through the collaboration of our staff, professional services, and our ADHD community.


The Runway Foundation operates from Runway House, a facility located at 58 Glasgow Road in Pukekohe, South Auckland.

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Services we provide

Supporting children & families in our ADHD Community

ADHD is challenging for the child as well as for the family, especially when enrolled within a mainstream school environment that usually is not equipped with the resources or understanding to give the support needed.   


At Runway our ADDventurers initiative is about providing a place of where 'addventurous' minds flourish!  A place where they can unashamedly be themselves, be understood, be celebrated & encouraged with the skills that they need to thrive in life.


For the parents and families, and teachers, we aim to help by providing emotional support, resources, information on services available, counselling, and advocacy.  


Our initiatives include:


  • Providing support groups for parents where they can gain support and encouragement from each other, as well as benefit from the collective knowledge & resources of the group.

  • Providing small-group Kids Clubs for primary aged kids with ADHD, where they can have their own club just for them.  It's a place to belong, to find friends, and to have fun by doing cool activities that support their social & developmental skills.

  • A Youth Coaching Programme for Yr 8 -13 students, providing individual mentoring support in and out of school, as well as group activities that challenge and develop them. 

  • Providing workshops on ADHD awareness, and how to teach students with ADHD.

  • Public events and information nights that build awareness of ADHD, and how those with ADHD can be supported.

  • We also love to promote the benefits of ADHD - for example ADHD people are three times more likely to own their own business.


Supporting families & people in need within the Community

At Runway we support families and people within the community through a range of initiatives. 


Initiatives include:


  • Support of community foodbanks

  • Support of community crisis funds with emergency funding for families in need

  • Assisting families to connect with professional counselling services

Working in the Community encouraging youth to launch and reach their potential

At Runway, we are active in the community and we are out to connect with our youth. 

We want to see youth launch and reach their potential and not be constrained by the environments they are in.  We want to encourage and inspire our youth, providing them opportunities to grow.


Initiatives include:

  • School and community events for youth with some of New Zealand's most inspiring guest speakers who can relate to our youth

  • Community events that are fun and engaging for youth

  • Connecting our youth with other hearty community organisations and educational institutions, so they can realise their true potential

  • Providing leadership development opportunities through the involvement helping to facilitate our Kids Clubs programmes.

  • Providing support to youth who are in vulnerable situations.

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What we value

We are an organisation who values and supports its people, and is committed to empowering staff to be the best of the best.


Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They guide us to make the best decisions every day, and help us define our strategy, make decisions, and ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging and value.

Gratitude    Faithfulness    Compassion    Joy    Excellence    Equality    Dignity    Team

Our Corporate supporters

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Working with communities to provide support and opportunities for those facing challenging circumstances, creating pathways for their success

Supporting the community

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Supporting the community
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The Runway Foundation

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