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With your help we can support 20 additional students

that need our help in 2022

As a not-for-profit we rely 100% on the kindness and generosity of our community friends, families and businesses, and we are sincerely appreciative of all support given - large and small.

The annual cost of ADHD support per student, excluding administration & overheads is:

  • $2,800 per senior student enrolled in the ADDventurers youth coach programme

  • $1,900 per junior student enrolled in the ADDventurers Kids Club programme

This includes the provision of a Youth Coach, Teacher, Counselor and the foundational activity expenses of the programme.

Once the students are on the programme, we journey with them providing advocacy and support throughout their primary & secondary school years, helping them to self-manage, discover their career pathways, reach their goals, and thrive. They do not come off the programme until they are ready to do so.  Once on the programme we are committed to their ongoing care and success.

Our goal is to provide sponsorship for all students with ADHD who need this programme in our district, so that they all have equal opportunity to this life-changing support.

“The mentoring has been life changing for our son. We appreciate everything that you do and are happy to support the foundation so that you can continue your fantastic work for other children in need”.

Katherine S

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